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It is possible to contact us, in Italian or English, by sending a message via Whatsapp to the number 0039-02-87169002 or via our contact form on this page . We respond quickly to all requests.

Before using the cane it is important to carefully read the technical and operating manual.

Hesago Stick

Opening and closing instructions and demonstration video

Hesago Xmatic

Opening and closing instructions and demonstration video

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Never open the stick pointed at another person or animals. Never open the stick in confined spaces or near objects, mirrors or glass which could be damaged and cause injury. Never use the stick against people or animals. Improper use could be lethal. The telescopic truncheon must be kept at home. It is a sporting instrument but, in fact, also an object capable of offending, therefore its carrying is always prohibited, even if it is freely sold and not subject to any report to the Authorities. For further information on possession, consult law 110 of 18 April 1975. Purchase is reserved for adults.